Google Snippets? | How To Rank On Featured Snippets

What is a rank 0 result, Featured Snippet on Google?

okay, you want to gain information about What is Google Snippets?

Great! I am here to explaining to you what is Exactly Google Snippets? How it Look Likes, advantages of Google snippets, how to rank your post google snippets?

Google keeps trying to change its Search SERP Result to make good and easy to understand UI(User Interface) for end users.

As you know when you started using Google from any of past year google search result look very different than nowadays.

why? google keep trying to change search result?

Do you know?  Okay, then I will explain to you.

listen, for some time just think like end users.

now, you are end users and in daily life, you search on google for any kinds of queries.

when you search on google for any queries google gives you many result pages that match with you queries am I right?

so, google gives you result in the form of the list of the website on page.

Now, what you do for getting your answer that you search on google you click on any website link that given by google right?

Okay, good you think it's very simple. just search for any query and google gives me numbers of website list. you click on once and you get your answer.

ok! ok! it's also really easy to get an answer. 

but, google always try to save users efforts.

now, you think how?

let me tell your answer.

What, if you search anything to query on google and google, will give an instant answer on the search result page at first position?

awesome right.

This is called "Google Snippets".

Now, think about how much time you save to find your answer?

lot's of time, right?

okay! let's move forward and learn more about Google featured snippets with some types and images.

Highlight Of This Article

  • What is Google Snippets
  • Types of Google Snippets
  • What are the benefits of Google Snippets?
  • How Featured Snippets Generate on Google?
  • How To Rank On Google Featured Snippets

What is Google Snippets

Google Snippets is the best result that googles fetch from sites that rank on Google SERP. Google snippets displayed above the google SERP search result list. hence it's also called as 'Rank Zero' Result on google.

It is also called "Snippets" or "Features Snippets".

Google Snippets Shows Snippets with some important content, image, etc...

This google snippet gives the accurate answer to the query of users.

That's why it's on top of the Google SERP page.

Now, I think you need to better understand some images.

Below is an image of Google Snippets.

What is Google Snippets with example
Google Snippets Image
Now, I think you better understood about Google Snippet right?

ok Good!

Above image shows just one type of Google snippets there are many types of Google snippets. let me explain one by one.

Types of Google Snippets

Now, it's time to take a look at types of Google snippets.

Do you know which type of Google snippets is there in the above image?

okay! no problem let me tell you one by one

1. List Snippets

2. Paragraph Snippets

3. Table Snippets

let's understand one by one.

List Google Snippets

These snippets are generally used for Step by Step answer of your google query.

List snippets are special types of a search result that Google display for how to do task-based questions.

List google snippets are really useful to properly get instant result for some types of task.

below we give you best example image of Google List Snippets.

List Google Snippets Example
List Google Snippets Example
cool right?

As you can see my query is "how to make coffee" and Google shows snippets for making a coffee with step by step processes.

Look at other images with another List type Google Snippets

List google snippets image
List google snippets image
this is another type of query that shows step by step method to find the square root.

In short in your daily life, you also see this kind of google result but you ignore to understand what is this.

This List based Google Features Snippets really Helpful to do some task step by step.

In short, List snippets used for

  • How to Do...
  • DIY Tasks...
  • How to Make...
let's move forward to learn about paragraph Google Snippets.

Paragraph Google Snippets

This is another Special type of Google snippets that help you to get information about any definition based question.

These Snippets are shows you any definition or a short introduction of some types of your queries.

This snippet is widely used on google because of most of the google users generally want to get an answer about some definition.

see image below for more better understand,

Paragraph Google Snippets
Paragraph Google Snippets
As I told you Paragraph snippets mostly used to show definition or short answer about users query.

in the above picture, I was searching for "what is CPC in google adwords" than google shows me exactly what is CPC in Google Adwords so I easily got my answer. interesting right?

Let's Take other one example

Paragraph Google Snippets example
Paragraph Google Snippets example
when I search about "who is Larry page". google shows me the very useful and short introduction of Larry page. well, you know who is Larry page? tell me in comment haha.

In short, Paragraph snippets used for

  • What is...
  • Who is...
  • Why is…
let's see another one type.

Table Google Snippets

Table Snippets are also very popular in google snippets. it generally shows information in tabular format with rows and columns.
This Snippet contains information with some header attribute and data of the header Columns.

Table snippets mostly used to provide some statistical summary of your question.

let's look at Google Table Snippets.

Table Google Snippets image example
Table Google Snippets image example
so, as you can see in the above image when I search for "mortgage rates year over year" google shows me Result in Table Formate and it's called "Table Snippets"

according to getstat report, Table Snippet use 7.28% in google.

In short, Table snippets used for

  • Lists...
  • Pricing...
  • Rates...
  • Statistical Data
According to Getstat Reports, Most Used Google Snippets is The "Paragraph Google Snippets".

most popular google snippets reports
most popular google snippets reports

Now it's Time to look at the Benefits of Google Snippets.

What are the benefits of Google Snippets?

okay, so benefits of Google featured snippets is for both ends.

These Snippets are obviously very helpful for users also it's very useful for the content maker. I mean websites owner. 

Do you know how? if you know then very good otherwise let's explore benefits below.

Benefits For End Users

End users are nothing but users who use Google search and try to find answers.

1. Quick answer to the question.

Quick answer to the question in Google Snippets
Quick answer to the question in Google Snippets

- because when you finding some definition or anything else google gives you instant result on #1 position so it's really quick. you don't visit any website. Therefore you got an answer that you actually want.

2. Saves lots of time.

- Of course, if your answer got quickly it directly means you save your lots of times.

3. Saves Internet.

- as you know when you open some website it takes times and loads all contents like images, videos, ads, etc.. so google snippets directly solve this problem.

4. Accurate and Reliable Answer 

-obviously, the Google search engine algorithm finds the Accurate & Reliable result from millions of website and serves you. you don't need to check each and every website manually. google robot do this for you.

Benefits For Content Creators, Bloggers

Now, it's benefits for us, right?

1. High Traffic

- if your any post or article ranked on google snippets that means you able to takes tons of traffic from organic search.

2. #0 on SERP

2. #0 on SERP - Top of the page
2. #0 on SERP - Top of the page

- as I already told you in the introduction of this article Rank "0" means your article Ranked on above #1 ranked website. so you could get many competitive advantages.

3. Attractive Look of your Stuff

Attractive Look of Google Snippets
Attractive Look of Google Snippets

- of course, when any article ranked on google snippets it looks attractive and Google highlights it on the top of SERP. 

4. Huge Users Engagement

- One thing always remember users mostly click on the first ranked article on google. and if it's google snippets then users click increases because of its looks and google suggestion. 

5. Ranked top of Advertisement

- As you know, Google always shows Advertisement on the top of the page then start to show actual website list in it's SERP. but when in the case of google features snippets it shows Snippets at the top of the advertisement.

now, after all these stuff you might be thinking about how this features snippets generate and show on google?

you know how?

Don't Worry! I am explaining below.

How Featured Snippets Generate on Google?

I know from some of you know about this how Google generates and show snippets. so you can skip this part and move at the very important part called how to rank?

First of all, let me tell you that this snippet comes from a website that already indexed and ranks on 1-2 page on google.

But most probability from 1 page and #1 rank.

now you might think if this snippet comes from some website then why this is too short?

Very simple & sweet answer is "user-friendly".

As I told you in the intro part how google takes care of end users by showing snippets. that is your answer.

When users type some query that is based on the above types of snippets. then google search engine algorithm automatically find the accurate & exact answer from all the website that ranked.

This process really matters for you because you are here for learning what exactly these features snippets & how to rank am I right?

okay! below section is a great part for you.

How To Rank On Google Featured Snippets

If you're looking for some practical implementation of ranking strategies, then you'll love below-given infographic.

Infographic gives you practical ideas about how to apply all given ranking strategies.

How To Rank On Google Featured Snippets

1. Use Keyword in Title

The title is very important to show what exactly your post about, this will help search engine to easily pick up your post first.

it is Best Practices to start the title of your post with target keyword.

Definitely, it's effective you know why?

Because when the search engine finding users query at that time your post gets easily ranked if you use the keyword at the start of the title.

generally, sometimes we write a post that users love but we forget about the search engine. 

Let's look at how to write an SEO-friendly title.

Use Keyword in Title to rank on google snippets

2. Pick Keyword Based URLs

Avoid Complex URLs.

Always Pickup Short & Sweet URLs.

Must add target keyword in URL.

Many times I have seen that some blogger uses long and meaningless URLs.

But they don't know this kind of URLs is not Good for search ranking. these URLs not user-friendly and not SEO-friendly.

Let's Take One Example:

Wrong Way- 

Right Way-

in short, try to only use a target keyword in URLs.

3. Optimize Target Keyword in Subheading

it is not enough to include the target keyword in Title only.

We must optimize in all subheading like h2,h3.

If you think subheading is not important then you are wrong because Google always looks for exact subheading to rank any google snippets.

if you properly optimized in your post. Google will easily find your post and your post possible to get ranked.

let's learn with an example.

Optimize Target Keyword in Subheading

as you can see in the above image I will add my target keyword in subheading h2.

if your post is long then you might use more then 1 target keyword in subheadings.

4. Utilize LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are Similar Keywords that Google uses to determine the relevance (and possibly the quality) of a page.

By utilizing maximum LSI keywords get a high ranking on targeted keyword and also on similar keywords.

See below to know what exactly LSI keywords.

Utilize LSI Keywords

 When You search anything on google. at the end of the page google show related keyword that it actually LSI Keywords.

5. Must Use Image

if you want to rank your post on featured snippets image really matter.


Because if you look at the snippets it contains some useful amount of information in the form of text and on the side there is one image which is related to your target keyword.

look below!

Must Use Image

At least one related image is really help to rank.

6. Use Optimal Word Count

Keep your Important section short and useful so Google can easily rank your post on snippets.

According to SEMrush reportsthe length of features snippets in between 40-50 words.

Use Optimal Word Count

so, it's good to make every section of 40-50 words.

7. Use Exact Definition (Paragraph Snippets)

For Paragraph Snippets, you need to add definition based content for your target keyword.

this means if your keyword is a definition or some paragraph based, then you need to make a proper paragraph with meaningful information.

Try to Include Main Keyword in this paragraph.

always try to analyze all your competitor snippets in google. 

find how they organize content, how many words of each section, check keywords stuffing.

8. Must have Table (Table Snippets)

For Table Snippets, you need to add Table based content for your target keyword.

as you know what is table snippets, you need to organize your answer in the form of tabular formate.

9. List Or Step Based Explain (List Snippets)

For List Snippets, you need to add List based content for your target keyword.

as the name implies, you want to maintain your information in list or step by step process formate.

Make a proper step in your post with numeric numbers or bullets.


Always try to update with google new features.

Google Features Snippets really spread out more and more on google because it's great features of Google. 

It's important because ranked on '0'.

Highest rank spot on Google SERP because of it shows first, then all advertisement, website links.

if you want to boost your traffic, high conversion features snippets is really great for you.

In this post, you got all the knowledge of Google snippets.

Now, it's your turn to do some practical implementation that I already explained in an above awesome infographic.

Try out to analyze competitor already ranked snippets. that really gives you some ideas.

use the user-friendly title, think like you are end user and you are searching for some queries then how you search?

Try to make every part of your post content in less than 50 words.

And use all the above given different Key factor.

What's your thinking to rank on Google Snippet? comment below.

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