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Have you ever tried to make sure that your wordpress website or blog is search engine friendly ?

If no, then you surely need to remap your strategies. But don’t worry, even if you haven’t taken certain steps to do SEO of your wordpress website, there is still a good chance that still you can imorove.

Even if wordpress’ plugin directory is filled with an insane amount of plugins. All that you need are a handful of the most effective and useful ones. These plugins may not guarantee to rank your website as per your needs, but they’ll surely help a lot in improving your wordpress website.

1.    Yoast SEO –

This powerful plugin is the most popular wordpress SEO plugin with over 1 Million+ active installs. These numbers really don’t lie. These stats can also be seen in the overall ratings that this plugin got, a massive 4 out of 5 stars from over 2100 reviews. This plugin will solve all your SEO related problems and your readability of the posts as well. All you need is to get atleast 80% of the SEO lights “green” and you’re all set. This plugin would ensure that your website ranks higher than ever before.

2.    Google XML sitemaps –

Its high time that you need to understand the importance of sitemaps on your wordpress website. Proper generated sitemaps will help with your SEO to a far better degree and also help you achieve better On-Page SEO.

With the use of neatly generated sitemaps, search engines are able to find and index you quickly so that your posts start to rank higher in the Search engine results page. This popular plugin too has over a Million+ active installs with a massive 4.9 star rating out of 5.

3.    All In one SEO pack –

This plugin is also one of the most favorites of the top marketers. This is infact a very generous competition to Yoast SEO plugin. Its top of the line features include –

  1. Canonical URLs
  2. XML sitemap support
  3. Google Analytics support
  4. ETA tag generation
  5. Plagiarism checker
  6. Wide language support

Some of its automatic features can really help you perform faster due to simplified features, a great interface and other advanced settings.

4.    Just writing –

This plugin is sure to provide all that you’ll ever need to improve your writing skills to a lot better degree. This plugin will help you attain the tag of the best content if used correctly. Just writing’s features include –

  1. Spelling checker
  2. Altering paragraph style without reverting back to the standard post-mode
  3. Removal of formatting

This plugin will surely help in distraction free writing too. You can modify and remove several visible buttons on the screen accordingly. This will ensure greater quality content everytime you use this plugin.

5.    Google Analytics by Monster Insights –

This app will enable certain functionality that is not normally included inside of wordpress by default. The main benefit that you get is that you’ll have the ability to take a look at your website insights right from your wordpress dashboard.

This plugin is not mandatory, however it will save you a lot of time in signing into your analytics account every time you want to track your analytics. You can always log into your analytics account separately if you don’t wish to use this plugin.

6.    Broken Link Checker –

You must know, that if there Is any broken link or image present on your website, then it will work in a negative way and against your website. This plugin will help you search all the broken links present on your wordpress website, if any by chance, and then will immediately notify you for a quick action manually.

The most needed feature is that it scans each and every link carefully so you don’t have to worry about link types separately.

7.    Akismet–

This plugin is now downloaded and installed by default when you install wordpress, but still it needs to be configured as per your taste. This plugin will help you combat all the spammy comments and also allowing you to monitor each comment separately. With this plugin, all the spam will be cleared out regularly and your website will even perform faster than before.

8.     Wordfence –

This plugin is surely needed to be installed on your wordpress website right now. This plugin, as the name suggests will create a protective fence around your website to help you combat against potential hacker and spammers. Imagine how difficult it gets when your wordpress website gets hacked. It surely burns a lot of money to get it back up and it also affects your search engine rankings.

This plugin is sure to protect your website like a pro and even scan It up regularly. This will improve your site speed and overall performance considerably.

9.    WPTouch mobile plugin –

This plugin will transform and optimize your website to be mobile friendly. Your website is surely needed to be mobile friendly as per Google’s new update to remain at the top of search rankings. Now-a-days, mobile devices are most used devices to browse through the web. And if you’re lagging out behind on optimizing your website to be mobile friendly, you are certainly going to negatively affect your rankings.

This plugin will help you stylize your website keeping your own color schemes and design. This one is really worth a try.

10.    SEO Optimised images –

There is so much of content editing and modifying to make your content purely SEO friendly, that many marketers forget about the images that they added to their posts. Even this simple and such a small task can alter your search engine rankings by a large number.

With wordpress installed, it is very easy to add images and infographics to your website, but wordpress do not automatically adds “alt” attributes to images.

These things were done manually not a long time ago but thanks to SEO optimised images plugin, the “Alt” attributes are automatically added that can help you drive targeted traffic right through the image searches. This will also improve your overall website SEO by a large degree.


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