Tips for boosting conversions on any landing page

Landing page is the utmost important platform between a buyer and a seller. Every campaign that you ever run, you’ll have to tie it with an appropriate landing page. Your landing page should not only reflect a good design, but it should also stand out from others. It should be absolutely made with a goal in mind that you need to attract most customers from your landing page.

As I have made 100s of landing pages that keeps driving my conversion rate to a new level everytime, here is the group of tricks that I learned en-route my journey –

Design a most compelling title –

A research shows that you have almost 7 seconds to grab a visitors attention to your landing page. After this time, most visitors skip by. The title is the first that a users sees about your website. Therefore, you should aim for the most effective landing page title to attract most visitors automatically. The better your title, the better your chances are to convert a visitor into a customer.

Optimize your landing page –

If your landing page hasn’t been optimized to be search engine friendly, chances are that you may be losing out on the targeted quality visitors that are unable to find you.

Each of your landing page should consist of a unique focus keyword with added title tags and meta description. Including your focus keyword inside the <H1> tag certainly tells the search engine crawlers that these are the most important words on the page and they should be given priority accordingly.

Add a video –

Adding a product video to your landing page is great way to inform the visitor about the product and even keep them entertained. Even Research shows that adding a video on a landing page increases your conversion rate by upto 139%.

The video should be always added to the top of the page, in header for most engagements. Often, the company name you’re trying to display at the top of your page is not known to many, so adding a video do has a lot of significance in validating your organization.

Make it mobile friendly –

Your landing page should always be mobile friendly. it is known that at least 89% of users on the web are mobile users. This creates a need for landing pages to be completely mobile friendly. The landing page should be carefully crafted keeping in mind the screen sizes of the certain mobile devices that are used to access that landing page.

Therefore, each landing page should be mobile optimized too for providing an outstanding user experience to every users irrespective of the device that they are using to access that landing page.

Extend you’re A/B split testing techniques –

A/B split testing is an amazing way to determine how your landing pages are performing in the long run. This process Is the key to create landing pages that convert in the end. One thing to make sure is never exceed two elements that you are testing with each other. Inserting one more element to already 2 present will make it too difficult for you to execute. Always test with two different elements only.

Another vital thing that most of the marketers fail to do is running the campaign longer enough to gather a more wider perspective of the A/B testing. Most of users are noted to only run a campaign till they start to see positive results.  You should instead keep the campaign running for atleast 2-3 weeks more to gather more positive data about your product.

Loading time –

This is the most important step that you definitely need to implement on your landing page. Imagine that your campaign and landing page is totally optimized for the search engine, you’re even getting clicks but not getting enough conversions. This can be due to the face that your landing page is too fueled up to load quickly. This creates a negative impact on users and they tend to leave rather than wait a much longer time.

Analyse your content that you’ve added in your landing page and modify it to load quickly. It is also noted that a single-second delay in loading your page results in 8% decrease in conversion percentage.

Visitors are utterly satisfied when they find the information they were looking for quickly. So do optimize your landing pages and make them lighter so that they load lightning fast.


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