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Instant articles is a great way of expanding your website via facebook. Instant articles notably loads upto 10 times faster than the standard articles links. This will help provide an outstanding user experience with a minimal load time. Majority of the Facebook users now are smartphone users and therefore, instant articles are only available through a mobile. With a PC, the link will lead to the normal website as always.

Facebook made instant articles available to all the developers later this March. Facebook made an offer that publishers couldn’t decline at all. Facebook is allowing their ads to appear inside the instant articles and Publishers will get 100% Ad Revenue if they are able to sell the ads on their own, while facebook will keep their 30% if publishers sell the ads through facebook.

To prepare for the instant articles, all the developers need to follow and complete all the initial steps shown below –

A Facebook Page – A facebook page is a must for the production of the instant articles. If you don’t have a page yet, then you need to create one. Without a facebook page, a user will not be able to get approved for publishing instant articles. After creating a facebook page, follow the steps below

Set up instant articles – There are certain steps that are mandatory for the initial set up of the instant articles. Here are they –

  1. Add your Team – Adding your team will help you provide a role to your team to be able to access these tools
  2. Connect your Site – You’ll need to authorize your site to begin publishing instant articles
  3. Create style templates – A unique style template is needed to vary the look and feel of the articles in accordance with your website. Style templates includes logos, format and the color scheme in the appearance of articles.
  4. Create articles – Articles are needed to be imported with either of the various plugins available to import the articles to facebook.
  5. Audience Network – You can monetize your instant articles with Facebook’s audience network.

Setting up instant articles for WordPress

  1. Register yourself as a developer on Facebook’s developer webite – Developers.Facebook.com
  2. Sign-in with your APP ID or you can Create an APP ID if you don’t have one, click on the “Get App ID” Button at the bottom to generate a fresh App ID and App secret.
    facebook instant article
  3. Select your facebook page – In this step, you have to select the facebook page from your list of facebook pages to approve it for production of instant articles.
    facebook instant article for Page
  4. Create your style template – As told earlier a unique style template is needed to vary the look and feel of the articles in accordance with your website. Style templates includes logos, format and the color scheme in the appearance of articles. You can customize your style template accordingly. The template can be set by clicking the Green Customize button at the bottom as shown below.
    Facebook Instant Articles Settings
  5. Submit for review – You’ll have to submit a batch of latest 5 of your articles to the Facebook’s Team to get them reviewed and approved. The team will review the articles and provide a feedback soon. After getting approved, you can start production of instant articles right on the go.
    Facebook Instant Articles Settings 2017

If you don’t have an APP ID yet, just follow these steps below :-

  1. Click on the green ‘+ Add a New App’ button in the upper right corner of the page.
    How to create facebook app
  2. If you are prompted to select a platform, select ‘basic setup.’ If you don’t see this prompt, don’t worry; just skip this part and go directly to Step 3.
  3. Create an app name (it can be whatever you want it to be), input your email and select ‘Apps for Pages’ in the ‘Category’ dropdown menu. Click ‘Create App ID’ when you’re ready.
    Create a New App ID
  4. Click on ‘Settings’ in the left navigation bar.
    Facebook App
  5. Click ‘+Add Platform’ at the bottom of the page and select ‘Website.’
  6. Under both the ‘App Domains’ in the main section and ‘Site URL’ in the ‘Website’ section, enter your domain – <http://www.yourdomain.com>
  7. Click ‘Save Changes’ in the lower right corner.
  8. Select ‘Show’ to see your App Secret. Copy your App ID and App Secret and enter them to the right in the wordpress here as shown below –
    facebook instant article

# After everything is done. Go to your Facebook page and select publishing tools at the Top

# Then select instant articles and view your configuration that you did earlier

Facebook Instant Articles Page

Your instant articles would be automatically generated as you finish your normal article on your website. The Facebook Instant Articles plugin for WordPress will automatically convert your regular articles into instant articles and will also transfer them to your Facebook page for publishing them as a post.


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