Future of Video Marketing

Since the past decade, digital marketing has grown tremendously. Users are using smartphones and PCs to search the web, find information and get involved in content. Digital technology has gotten way much cheaper than it was used to before.

Now, it has became important to market your content via various content marketing techniques to stay at the top of your league. One of this techniques is promoting content using videos. This process is called Video Marketing.

As much as 33% of the overall web traffic today is dedicated to videos. This makes video marketing a must to grow and improve your venture more efficiently.

According to a report generated by Hubspot –

  1. Videos are sure to claim about 79% of the overall web traffic by 2019.
  2. Adding videos to your landing pages could increase your conversion rate by upto 85%.
  3. Embedding a video to your marketing e-mails could improve CTR by upto 150-250%.
  4. According to data collected from youtube, users watching videos on smartphone are growing by over 95% every year.
  5. 65% of the total customers on web are more likely to buy a product after they’ve watched a video supporting that product.
  6. 88% of the top marketers are using video marketing along with their list of various content marketing strategies.
  7. Video-based ads now are worth over 34% of the overall ad expenditure online
  8. 61% of the most influential people around the globe believe in watching videos over reading blog posts.
  9. 52% of the top marketers across the world say that videos have the best ROI.
  10. People spend 3X longer time watching a Live Video than a Normal pre recorded video.
  11. 94% of the marketers are using videos in their ad campaigns.
  12. As much as 97% of the businesses said that their product explainer video has performed much better in explaining their product to their customers.
  13. 77% of the small business owners have said that adding video marketing to their content marketing strategies had a direct impact on growing their business and its improvement.

As much as 82% of the people remember the video that they’ve watched last month. This explains that video based content is much easier to remember rather than text based articles or blog posts.

If you’re a brand, a customer will always remember your name along with the video that they watched based on you. This will account for more leads and more sales accordingly.

Always surround your videos with the same colors and style templates as your website. This trick makes the video most easy to remember.

It is highly possible for a customer to reach your website after they’ve watched your video. However, quality of content in the video also matters a lot but if you followed all of the video making tactics properly, you should happily wait for your customers to drop by your website automatically.

Moreover, a video can help in improving you website’s Search Engine Optimization to the next level. If your SEO is improved, you can expect more and more visitors to your website which also results in increasing your CTR too.


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