Essential Apps for Content Marketing

As they say “Content is the King”, but content is only the king if it is marketed correctly and efficiently. To market the content, there are several ways. You can use native tools, apps and other programs available to multiply your visitors.

Reportedly, 89% of the users online are via a mobile device. This specifies the need of certain apps that can surely optimize your content marketing. Several apps that are available can optimize your site speed, improve your content and even make content marketing a lot easier.

Marketers in the past have reported that many apps churn out accurate data about their traffic. If you are looking for more leads, or you are here to multiply the amount of visitors that your website generates.

Your content also needs to be far above over others in terms of quality of the posts and overall user experience. Since the competition is much enough, you definitely need to stand out and rank above others. The audience is always continuously searching the web for great content.

Have a look at these 7 most rated and researched apps that are sure to give you a helping hand at content marketing –

1. ThingLink –  According to most of the marketers, interactive content is the one that helps to engage most users and generate most leads accordingly. It also helps to generate and increase brand awareness very well.

Thinglink is an app that allows users to generate specific type of interactive content, like clickable images. The developers designed this app keeping the need of users in mind, you can add multiple links to a single image itself instead of creating multiple links with multiple images. Also, there aren’t only links that you can insert, there are many more interactive elements to choose from.

2. Skitch –  If you ever wanted to create a log of how your blog or website is performing or you need to explain the steps needed to perform a certain task, then Skitch is the right app for you. Skitch is one of the most highly rated and most popular ever note apps out there. You can create arrows, write text and insert numbers. This is app is available to download for free and is definitely worth a try.

3. Hemingway app – If you suck at content writing, like I did when I started out my first blog, then you definitely need hemingway app. This app can help in identifying common grammatical error or common errors in a sentence or a paragraph. This app not only identifies various errors that have been made, but also categorises them into different tabs such as hard to read sentences, passive voice and common grammatical errors.

The app will highlight the error and will also provide an overall rating and reading difficulty of the whole content.

4. Word2CleanHTML – Normally, I write content in either wordpad or Microsoft Word, as these are the most popular and user friendly text editors out there. But they also come with negatives, one of them is the compatibility with WordPress. Often, you’ll see a lot of errors generated in wordpress when you try to copy content from Microsoft word. There are unwanted spaces, special charaters or annoying broken links. These errors may take a lot of time to resolve them, so much time that you could probably write another article in that time.

So, the app, Word2CleanHTML is created for someone like you. It simply converts your MS Word written articles into neat HTML which are wordpress-ready. Just copy the content over in the app, then click convert and that’s all. You’re done.

5. Google Docs – Google docs is one of the best programs out there to create and edit articles out there right on the go. It is one of the most popular and effectively the most user friendly text editor out there.  Google Docs surely have certain tools that could be used by anyone for content marketing. Just head over to the “Tools” inside google docs and then select “research”.

One more advantage of using google docs is that you don’t have to leave out your content writing in between to do some research. You can simply use the research tool inside google docs to google search right from inside the google docs app, easy as it sounds.

6. Pocket – This app is surely created to help content writers. Suppose you saw something on the web and you want to read it or watch it later in the day, you can save the content to the Pocket app. This app’s one big advantage is that it is available for all devices and all platforms. Reading can definitely make you a better writer, which can help you out in the quality of your content that you write.

The amount of better writer you are is reflected in the quality of articles that you’ve written. This app is similar to another app known as “readability”. Both of them comes with the same objective that you can save articles or any other content for later use.

7. Buffer – If you want to become a better content marketer, then you need to find something that sets you apart from others. Suppose you want to schedule posts that you want to publish when most of your users are online for maximum reach and engagement. You can now do it easily because almost every social media platform now-a-days allows you to do so. But going back in time a little, there were not many social media tools that allows you to schedule blog posts.

Chances are that if you find that most of your followers are available only after midnight, you’ll definitely not remain woken up till that time to publish a post. You’ll definitely need to find a better marketing strategy at this point.

Buffer is social media app (twitter mainly) that allows you to schedule your tweets to be sent exactly on the time when you need them the most. Not only twitter, Buffer can manage your multiple social media accounts on the go, ranging from facebook to linkedIN, all from a single dashboard. After you’ve linked your multiple social media accounts, you can line up Upto 10 posts to the schedule to trigger them on the set time.

Do note that while all of these apps provides a great helping hand to you, they are not created to manage all of the work by their own. For example, Buffer can help manage all your social media profiles at once, but it cannot reply or engage with the comments that your followers want to talk with. You definitely need to be present throughout the time side by side and manually handle all the relationship that you need to build with your followers.


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