Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Digital Marketing is set to boom the market in the next few years. It will take over all the traditional forms of marketing as it grows and it will dominate the marketing strategies.

Now, below I list the most dominating trends in 2017 that will rule 2017 for sure –

  1. Content Marketing – Content marketing has been in the top three in the past couple of years. This means that you should really focus on optimizing your content marketing strategy instead of blowing money on paid advertising. Content Marketing is known to be one massive digital marketing strategy that is sure to give out results. When content is executed properly, it can result in massive returns for the brand.
  2. B2C content creators should focus more on providing quality. They should be able to create more engaging content, creating more visually impressive content and measuring out the returns in the end. Impressive content never fails to attract visitors. While companies face many challenges in engaging audience with the quality of their content. Content quality should be upmost to reach and engage most audience.
  3. Visually impressive content never fails to engage audience. This means that social media posts with images helps engage most people with your post rather than links only. This means a post with atleast one single visual component is necessary. This will result in more engagement that churns out more likes, comments and shares. You should always try to make your content more interactive and impressive by inserting images or infographics for maximum performance of your posts.
  4. Infographics are still one of the maximum performing components of digital marketing. They surely are able to perform better than any other type of content. Infographics are a creative way of explaining your content to your visitors. These are sure to be present for more time down the line.
  5. As I said Earlier, visually impressive content never fails to attract visitors. This means that the content with either images or infographics perform upto 210% better than the content without any image. This means that you need to stuff your tweets with images too, just as facebook posts. While facebook is famous for Business to Customer platform for sales reps, twitter is different somehow and is dominant Business to Business platform for sales reps. Tweets with images will help you perform better as those tweets would stand out from other text-only tweets on your timeline.
  6. Interactive content helps to engage most people with them and also build long lasting relationships. The demand for interactive content have risen a lot since last couple of years. Interactive content surely engages a lot of visitors and will help you generate more leads in the end.

Users are now migrating to interactive Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 content pages from static Web 1.0 content. Visual-generated content is also more engaging than brand generated product photos. This means that the need of visually appealing content is needed in your list of marketing strategies for sure.




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